Agadir Hotel Siteplan, OMA

"In the lower part, the heterogenous elements of the convention centre - auditoriums, conference rooms, foyers - form artificial dunes, a seamless continuation of the surroundings." - S, M, L, XL

We have tried to recreate this drawing digitally using the vectorworks stipple tool to create a textured surface over which to lay the matrix of columns, contours and path.

To start - find the stipple tool.

Depending on your workspace this could be located either in a palette called 'architect' or within the 'tool sets' shown above.

We have drawn a square using the stipple tool (the shape was traced from a scaled scan of the Agadir plan).

To edit the stipple, click on the 'stipple settings' button in the object info palette.

We have used an oval shape with an aspect ratio of '1' and an equal max/min value to create a consistent pattern of black circles.

While it would be great to use this pattern as the substrate for our drawing, the stipple is an entirely vector generated pattern and so will be quite taxing on even the most powerful of machines.

A neat workaround is to export the pattern as a high-res image and then re-import this image as your background texture.

Original drawing and imported texture

Original drawing and digital recreation

Below are links to the final recreation and a series of test stipple patterns.